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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Cake #20: Butter Rum Cake

I made this cake in celebration of my dad's birthday and my anniversary with my partner, both in early March. I used Cruzan rum for the cake and a "regular" rum for the glaze. That's what my notes say, I don't remember what the "regular" rum brand was. Then I mixed milk w/ lemon juice for the "sour milk". I poked into the cake with a wooden skewer before glazing it so that it would get down in there. Then I put it on a rack to cool and it stuck to the rack. Maybe use a platter next time, something to catch the glaze running off of it. 
 Next time, use chopsticks instead of a skewer because the glaze is so thick it won't go into the small holes the skewer left. Also use more rum (couldn't taste it very much, and, well, it's in the title). This cake is good, but it does not go with ice cream, better on its own.

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