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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Clinton Street Social Club

18 1/2 S. Clinton St., Downtown Iowa City

I was told to go to this place without the kid and to order the cheese curd appetizer. I did just that. As a bonus, I took the husband too. I got there on a Friday night at about 6:00 and although it's already upstairs, we were seated up up stairs! (3rd floor)

The atmosphere is great: brick walls, just the right lighting, a view of the Clinton/Washington intersection. We ordered a bottle of wine for $32- a Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. Having lived in the Willamette Valley, my opinion of the wine was "eh" but you pay for the atmosphere.

The cheese curds were fantastic. Other items I recommend are the root vegetables and the salmon cakes. We tried the poutine because I had never had it. My opinion of it was "eh".

The waitress wrongly estimated the wait time for the salmon cakes to be "about 15 minutes because they are really busy in the kitchen". This was getting close to 7:00. The wait time was well over 30 minutes, and because we needed to be somewhere, we had to take them to go.

The bill came to $68 plus tip. We did get a little more food than we needed, so I'd say expect to pay around $60 for two.

Next time I think I'll try something other than wine too, they have a good selection of alcoholic beverages.

In conclusion, the atmosphere is great, some of the food is pretty good and as long as you're throwing down the cash, plan to stay there awhile, especially if it's 7:00 on a Friday night.